Chicago's East Village and Ukrainian Village

Hot Or Not: A Look At Chicago’s East Village and Ukrainian Village

Since I moved to East Village in Chicago about four years ago, I have been writing a lot about how hot this neighborhood, not forgetting Ukrainian Village, is – Hot Real Estate Markets in Chicago: Ukrainian Village and East Village. How I demonstrated it then was by studying median sales price trends and the amount of new constructions taking place. A few months ago, Redfin joined the party when they released their list of the hottest real estate markets in the country, and Chicago’s Ukrainian Village was right at the top. While East Village did not feature on Redfin’s top 10 list, if you actually drilled down to neighborhoods around… Read More

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Real Estate Market Trends

Major Trends In The Real Estate Market

In the past 10 years, commercial real estate has embraced the global economy. There is no way around it and for this asset sector it is interesting to note this trend because it is so very intimate and local in nature. Yet this global influence is amazing. This global stance has altered commercial real estate in that it is now responsive and moving in line with the cycles and trends that ride like waves around the earth, from one nation to the next. A comparison to any other 10-year period cannot provide the insight to handle or anticipate the international response to the Great Recession of this same time period.… Read More

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Smart Real Estate Investing

Be Smart About Real Estate Investing

Many Americans are again getting into real estate now that there has been a strong market in the last several years. In Realty Times, a recent article looked at the burgeoning trend of investing in real estate. The National Association of Realtors Profile of Second-Home Buyers noted in 2005 that investors made up 23 percent of all home sales over the last year. But before you jump in, remember that a downturn in the market can cause a disaster for you even though real estate investing might see like a great way to make money. So here are a few tips to help you invest in real estate smartly so… Read More

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San Francisco Real Estate In 2016

San Francisco Real Estate In 2016 And Beyond

Looking ahead, anyone’s best guess is that San Francisco real estate is sizzling. It seems to always be the case. Interest rates have been low for going on years now, but that may change going into 2016. At this point in time, the Federal Reserve is looking at ensuring that inflation does not go out of whack. For a while there, the concern was focused more on stabilizing the economy. Now, the focus has shifted to nipping inflation in the bud before it gets out of hand. This hiking of interest rates has an impact on housing. That has the impact of potentially pulling back housing prices some. As the… Read More

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