Chicago's East Village and Ukrainian Village

Hot Or Not: A Look At Chicago’s East Village and Ukrainian Village

Since I moved to East Village in Chicago about four years ago, I have been writing a lot about how hot this neighborhood, not forgetting Ukrainian Village, is – Hot Real Estate Markets in Chicago: Ukrainian Village and East Village. How I demonstrated it then was by studying median sales price trends and the amount of new constructions taking place. A few months ago, Redfin joined the party when they released their list of the hottest real estate markets in the country, and Chicago’s Ukrainian Village was right at the top. While East Village did not feature on Redfin’s top 10 list, if you actually drilled down to neighborhoods around… Read More

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Should I Lower The Price of House

It can be hard to lower the price on your house.  You speak with a real estate agent.  You choose a price that you think is reasonable for both your home and the area it is located in.  However, after being on the market for several weeks, nobody makes an offer.  It looks like you need to lower the price on your house.  Even if you really don’t want to, you might need to lower the price in order to sell your house.  The following are some scenarios for you to consider when to reduce the price on your house. When You Should Lower the Price On Your House If… Read More

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Owning or Selling Beachfront Property

Advantages to Owning or Selling Beachfront Property

Everyone enjoys a good beach vacation and there really is nothing to compare owning property just along the water. Sunshine and sand with sparkling water means the views are to die for. The relaxation qualities alone are worth buying a property along the beach! It can also be a fantastic way to invest. There might be an element of risk involved but whether you want to make a move there permanent or invest, beachfront properties are selling at a faster rate than ever before. In fact, there is a plethora of choice for anyone looking to live or invest in a beachfront property that includes condos, villas, large houses, tiny… Read More

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